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About UpdateScanner

With UpdateScanner you can check your system for missing Windows Updates, if there some important or optional patches that are not installed the Scanner will show this in an adequate way. UpdateScanner supports only the latest version of the system applications (e.g. Internet Explorer and Media Player).
Needs Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 or higher!

Supports only Windows 2000, XP and 2003

I am interested in any kind of feedback! Forum (Winfuture)

Changes (16.07.2016)

  • Change to new Microsoft URLs to solve problems and dead links


  • no installation necessary
  • multilingual


output file is TXT
if output is not defined, standard output is HTML

only security updates checked

only optional Updates checked
if attribute is not defined, security and optional updates checked

only not installed updates checked

only installed updates checked
if status is not defined, both installed and not installed updates checked

Example: UpdateScanner.exe -export -attribute=sec -status=noninst
The first parameter -export is important, otherwise the silent Export is not working. The other parameters can be used variable!
In the given example the UpdateScanner Export out is HTML and only security updates which are not installed are checked.