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About SevenMizer

With SevenMizer you trim the interface of Windows XP and 2003 to Windows 7.

For this round about 400 system files with new images and symbols will be modified. Desktop, Taskbar and Start Menu shows up for you also in the new look. The optic also spiced up with new fonts.

I am interested in any kind of feedback! Forum (Winfuture)

Changes (16.07.2016)

  • Error with installer and uninstaller solved


  • Modification of the own system files
  • multilingual
  • completely free choice for the modification files
  • backup from the original system files
  • rebuilding of the original system files through un-installation
  • silent installation with parameter /S


You have issues please have a look into the FAQ.
If no solution worked for you please get in contact by Email and do not spam the guest book. Thanks.

Problem - A DLL was moved in the cache
After the installation I got the message that a DLL was moved in cache. How can I solve this problem?
Install all current Windows Updates, especially KB971029, after this the problem is solved.

Problem - Stop during installation
Every time I try to install the application it stops and hang. How can I solve this problem?
This can have different options:
1. Defect hardware (e.g, RAM, Hard disc).
2. One of your installed "security or tuning"-tool blocks the installation. Please close really every other tool during the installation (especially antivirus and firewall tools).

Problem - Old icons appear after Windows Update
After the monthly Windows Updates some or most of the icons are in old XP style. How can I get back the new design?
Windows Updates replaced the modified files to get back the new design please use the link "Data Rebuild" to modify the current files again. After a restart everything should be in the new design again.

Problem - An application (e.g. Nero) will not work
After installation I have problems with different applications (e.g. Nero). How can I solve this?
Install this application again or do reparation of it. If it still not works, uninstall my application.

Problem - In the Start menu on the upper right is only a black box
After installation I do not see my user picture on the upper right only a black box. How can I solve this?
This problem is only when you have activated the alternative (classical) logon, please change back to the standard XP logon and your user picture is back.

Problem - Setup stops during extraction
During the installation the setup stops by the extraction, even after waiting longer than 30 minutes. How can I solve this?
This problem actually occurs only when the icon size of "Properties -> Display -> Appearance -> Advanced" has been changed. Set it back to the default value of 32 and the setup should work as usual.

Problem - The text or icons in the Start menu are not complete
After the installation I have a problem with the Start menu. Some of the icons or the titles are not complete. How can I solve this?
There are 2 themes available, one for 32px icons and one which supports 48px icons. So please change yourself the theme if you have changed the icon size.

Problem - Extra application like the Sidebar or the transparent look is not visible
After the installation the extra applications like the Sidebar or the transparent effect is not visible. How can I activate this?
The extra applications are separated from the main installer and available as the ExpansionPack.

Problem - After installation the system reboots every time
After the installation the computer reboots always after showing the boot screen. How can I solve this problem?
This problem is fixed in the latest versions!
Here the explanation: You use Windows XP with Service Pack 2 or older; there the user32.dll makes trouble after modifying. You have to replace the modified c:\windows\system32\user32.dll with the backup version in c:\windows\sevenmizer\old\user32.dll by using a live cd (e.g. Knoppix) otherwise you have to do reinstallation or repair installation!


kein Systemwiederherstellungspunkt

keine Verknüpfungen

keine Modifizierung der AX Dateien

keine Modifizierung der CPL Dateien

keine Modifizierung der DLL Dateien

keine Modifizierung der EXE Dateien

keine Modifizierung der OCX Dateien

keine Modifizierung der RLL Dateien

keine Modifizierung der TSP Dateien

keine Modifizierung der Internet Explorer Dateien

keine Modifizierung der Outlook Express Dateien

keine Modifizierung der Media Center Dateien

keine Modifizierung der Media Player Dateien

keine Modifizierung der Movie Maker Dateien

keine Modifizierung der Messenger Dateien

keine Modifizierung der NetMeeting Dateien

keine Modifizierung der Game Dateien

keine Modifizierung der Extra Dateien (Logon, ...)

kein Logon

Ultimate Logon Text

Enterprise Logon Text

Professional Logon Text

Homebasic Logon Text

Homepremium Logon Text

Starter Logon Text

kein Shutdown

kein Bootlogo

keine Modifizierung der Externen (nicht Windows) Dateien

keine Modifizierung der Other Dateien (Cursor, ...)

keine Cursor

keine Fonts

keine OEM Infos

kein Quicklaunch Explorer

keine Screensaver

keine Sounds

keine StartUp

keine Iconized Taskbar

kein UxTheme Patch

kein Theme

kein Eingabegebietsschemaleiste

kein Throbber im Explorer

keine Benutzerbilder

kein Wallpaper

kein Windows Festplattenicon

kein Windows Arbeitsplatz

Example: SevenMizer.exe /S -nonemplayer -nonemmaker -noneie -noneoe -nonelinks
The first parameter /S is very important otherwise no silent installation is possible; the following parameters can be used without an order!
In this example SevenMizer will be installed silent without modification of Media Player, Movie Maker, Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, and without links.